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I am actually happy that the design of the Lunokhod watch does not mimic the moon walker (although there are a few design cues that are meant to honor it). The case looks more fantasy/antiquities themed than sci-fi or steampunk. I feel like I have seen designs like this in places like Stargate, Lord of the Rings, Hellboy, and other places with similar art direction. Chaykin did a good job of making the watch look a wizard's gadget. In other words, it looks like a modern instrument meant to look like the designer is from 300 BC.

As an art watch the X-Ray is attractive and unique looking. Depending on your mood and how you look at it, the watch goes from being beautiful to 'watch nerdy.' It also makes me happy that Itay Noy chose not to use a traditional round case. Rather, it bulges where case screws are used to keep the sandwiched sections together. While a bit odd at first the case proves nice to look at and wear. The steel case is 41.6mm wide but feels larger thanks to the thin bezel. Detailing and finish on the case is good. One issue however is the crown. On the piece I tested it was rough to turn, and the crown design is a bit sharp making it uncomfortable to wind given the roughness I mentioned. If other pieces offer smoother winding then there is no issue.

When I first debuted the 4N watch it was much ballyhooed. This was about a year ago when piece like this were hot. Actually, it was more than a year ago. Even then the brand was over a year away from having a final product. Now they are almost at a final product but not quite yet. The actual name of the watch is the 4N MVT01/D01/42. That name is moronically absurd for anything but a reference number. So until a proper name is conceived I will just call it the "4N watch."

While the designs of Bulova Precisionist models range from funky to novel, the technology used in them is outstanding in my opinion. Bulova Precisionist watches retail prices go up to over 0, but the street prices of most are from about 0 - 0. This model 96B132 retails for 9, but is just under 0 at Even if Bulova Precisionist models aren't right for you right now, you should know about the technology and keep an eye on the range as I think they are a great addition to any collection. See this and other Bulova Precisionist models at here.

I like that Omega and Activision (the game publisher) decided to go with this model. Not complex, holds a lot of Omega DNA, and also looks good in pixels. Do you think the one in the game shoots lasers as well? One can hope so. The watch is on Bond's character the entire game, and feels like a natural form of product placement. At the same time, the developers modeled the watch to be highly detailed - meaning it was not just part of the character but something Omega specifically sponsored. I also have a feeling that James Bond will always see the watch as reading 10:10. Otherwise for graphical performance purposes the watch on the wrist would be much more simple for all but in-game scripted scenes.

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Inside the watches are Swiss ETA 2892 automatic movements. To keep up with appearances the dials do not include the date. Bell & Ross is wise not to use an exhibition caseback (which they do rather rarely now that I think about it) as the movement is much smaller than the case. Proportionally everything seems to work on the WW1-92 models. My personal favorite is the WW1-92 Heritage as I love the colors and that sexy tan strap. Though the Military model with its polished steel case and more conservative dial might prove a more flexible daily wear.

Hublot US Liberty Bang Limited Edition Watch

Hublot US Liberty Bang Limited Edition Watch

Bell & Ross currently offers this and the rest of its timepieces available online via the Bell & Ross e-Boutique. Price for the Vintage Original BR 126 is ,600.

Rado HyperChrome Automatic Watches

Rado HyperChrome Automatic Watches

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Boxes such as this are at the top of the food chain for "it is really nice and I can't throw it away, but where the hell am I going to put it?" After spending over 0,000, the box is a nice welcome to the collection.

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Marvin Loeb Rally Collection Watches

Marvin Loeb Rally Collection Watches

You'll notice that the case is a mixture of brushed and polished elements. This is carried over to the bracelet which has thin strips of horizontal polished striped amid the mostly brushed surfaces. While the metal bracelet is technically simple, it is wide and relatively thin with a comfortable feel. Sometimes simple is best. Lacking on the M-Force model compared to its big brother is the Saturation Diver's famous ratcheting deployment clasp (that I love). This feature gave it lots of micro-adjustability on the fly. The M-Force however has a more traditional triple-locking fold-over clasp. This high level of reliability gives it a folding latch as well as a push-button release. What I love about the Japanese is that they can make parts which are produced inexpensively work much better that expensive parts produced elsewhere.

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Listen to HourTime Show watch podcast episode 41 here.

Croton J178898 Men’s Diver Style Watch

Croton J178898 Men’s Diver Style Watch

Three position crown:

Being serious is more than being acceptable. The finishing touch on any man are those individual items above and beyond tied shoelaces that help people come to conclusions about who you are. Most men dress rather generically, but if you are the type to have stand-out shoes and a clever scarf... and are still going to pick up "Jenny," then she is a lucky gal. As for the rest of us, we don't have many opportunities to signal success other than the watch on our wrist.

Being able to get one of these overseas and wear them in the US has its advantages. Especially when people ask you about the watch and you comment on how "oh, these aren't available in the States." The dial is very easy to read, especially with the thick lume-coated hands. The dial is black with a bit of a wave pattern and metallic blue rings around the chronograph subdials. The friendly looking bubbly "12" is a nice touch.

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The last new chronograph is just called the IWC Pilot's Watch Chronograph, With a 43mm wide steel case and standard looking three register chronograph dial. This watch is again 46mm wide and a very handsome piece that blends the looks of other IWC Pilot watches we have seen from today and yesterday. The last new Pilot watch on my radar is the simply named IWC Pilot's Worldtimer watch. This neat looking travelers watch has a rotating 24 hour city and moving city display. This works like like the Girarard-Perregaux for example. A nice concept that isn't new, but feels like a nice addition to the Pilot collection. This useful watch will be 45mm wide will be a nice new addition to the collection.


You can consult the original article for more tech specs - but as you can see the design of the movement has changed. Most notably the placement of the escapement. It is now below the digital time indication. Also note that bridges that were originally intended to be carbon fiber are not specially polished black metal with a Cotes de Paris style finishing. The case and movement are absolutely killer with the time being easy to read on the discs that are framed by the orange rectangle. The 4N movement uses 4 discs to digitally tell the time in this manually wound mechanical movement that has a wonderful exposed quality to it.


Roland Iten has not yet produced a watch, though he has designed a number of concept watches that if ever made will be truly incredible. Roland Iten’s workshops is actually part of the Richemont Group and his inventions are both useful and luxurious.

Ril is kind enough to include two straps to complete your retro fantasy. There is a "racing stripe" NATO G10 strap and a metal bracelet. The NATO strap is pretty straight forward, nothing more to say on that. The watch looks nice as paired to it. The metal bracelet isn't bad actually I like that it tapers and uses screwed-in links. It also has a diver's extension (which is totally silly because given the low water resistance you shouldn't dive with this watch), with a double safety clasp like that a Submariner from a few generations ago.  The weakness there is in the deployment clasp. It uses a folded, rather than milled steel, which has it feeling a bit tinny and thin. It also has a few too many sharp angles on it. Though when you are wearing the watch - these aren't a bother.

The AM 1 is their major model in the MARCH LA.B collection - and it is a stand up design. Retro and still totally unique. Jerome has proved himself to be an adept watch designer. The firm was also able to team up with some stellar Swiss suppliers. Which accounts for the quality of the watches being quite high. Little things that new brands often get wrong are very well done on the AM 1. Examples include the very nicely engineered bracelet as well as pristine dial. Nods to the past are bountiful. Including the style of clasp on the strap as well as the domed sapphire-coated mineral crystal meant to look like an acrylic crystal. The design of the dial itself is totally passable as something spacey from 1967. Case further is water resistant to 100 meters.