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A lot of people have been asking about the new Praesto Modern Aviator watch (also known as a the Modern Fliegeruhr), and here is your chance to win one. I reviewed one myself here. The cool, modern styled timepiece is fitted with a Miyota 8245 automatic movement. The great dial is super easy to read in a 44mm wide steel case. The watch is available with a black or metallic blue dial, and the black dial is offered with a PVD black or bead-blasted finish.

Back at Baselworld last month I was really excited about seeing one particular timepiece - the Bremont Supermarine 500. When I first learned about the watch sometime ago, I wrote about the Supermarine 500 here, exclaiming that it was the watch that helped me pay attention to the new British brand. The attractive 500 meter water resistant dive watch with a vintage inspired design based on an old seaplane looked like a must have - but I needed to see it in the flesh.

Also in the mix is the now famous IWC Pilot's Watch Classic Double Chronograph Edition Top Gun, with its dyslexic name, but coherent appeal. Really a cool watch (and by the way I was pleased to learn that Robin Williams wears one). I personally love the Aquatimer models. You might be curious about the white dialed version with the orange indicators - that is a special limited edition model available at a particular IWC boutique I believe.

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Replica Rado Integral Jubile

The JC DC Lego watch collection is due out for sale this year - not exactly sure when or how much they will be. Likely in the 0 - 0 range given their "designer nature." The digital watches obviously have quartz movements and large "my first wrist watch" style to them. Not sure about what the functions will be aide from the time. Probably basic stuff like a calendar. Pushers might be on the back of the watch case. The strap is likely mostly rubber and has actual links near the butterfly clasp for sizing. This is preferable over having to cut the straps to size. Over the LCD screen is a colorful bezel that looks to be done in aluminum or some other metal. The JC DC logo below the screen helps add to the fashion worthiness of the watch. I can't help but think that the watches are totally cool. I don't know too much about JC DC, but I do know o.d.m. (odm), and Lego - and I like both a lot. Look out for these soon, where ever JC de Castelbajac "stuff" is sold.

Tag Heuer & The Porsche Club Of America Team Up For Limited Edition Monaco Watch Watch Releases

What you really have is a true luxury instrument. It is luxury in the sense excess and lack of necessity are luxurious, but it is a instrument all the same. Marginally useful, but it still has its uses. It is a toy for those who like expensive toys. No one looking for a "men's accessory" is gonna pick up one of these. When I met with Urwerk I think they did tell me the price of the limited edition UR-CC1. To be honest I forgot the price, but at the same time it makes little different. In the healthy six figures, most people can't afford the watch, and that pretty much sums it up. I love that Urwerk does this stuff and works hard to make their dreams real. True micro mechanical geniuses, they create amazing things - perhaps with intentional limited appeal.

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Replica Frank Muller Perpetual Calendar Watches

Titanium offers a new look and feel for Ananta. The weight of the watch is very light. Amazingly so actually. While the steel Ananta watches aren't exactly heavy given their size, the titanium case and bracelet feel like the steel model would if it was on the moon. Of course the color is a bit different and so is the finish on the case. Steel Seiko Ananta watches have Seiko's beloved "blade polishing." This high-grade polish doesn't exactly work the same on titanium, but at the same time, Seiko polished titanium very well. I recall when titanium was first used on watches how terrible the finish was. How far we have come with the metal. If you aren't holding the watch and feeling how light it is, you can tell the watch is titanium by its slightly grayer color as compared to steel.

Dievas Classico Blue Watch Watch Releases

BVLGARI Diagono X-Pro Watch Watch Releases

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Frank Muller Giga tourbillon watches

See Hublot watches on Amazon here.Hublot Depeche Mode Album Cover Watches Sales & Auctions

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See Panerai watches on eBay here.

2010 sees three new Seiko Ananta watch models. The fanciest and most exclusive of which is this great looking limited edition Spring Dive model in titanium. Functionally, it has the same Seiko in-house made Spring Drive 5R86 movement as last years Ananta Spring Drive Chrono GMT model - but this new version is in a 46mm wide titanium case with gold toned hour markers and hands. It is limited to just 150 pieces world wide.

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Replica Breitling Superocean Watches

Next on the solar system list here is the Louis Moinet Meteoris Rosetta Stone watch. What does this mean? Well the rose gold watch has a dial that is made from the oldest meteorite found on Earth. It is the Sahara 99555 stone, and nicknamed the "Rosetta Stone" (no relation to the language tablets also known as the Rosetta Stone) and is said to be 4.5662 billion years old. According to the Institute for Planetology of Munster, Germany, this stone is thought to have originated from the planet Mercury.

Hublot really did something special with this watch, and it looks just great. Totally epitomizing what fresh Hublot designs can feel like. In addition to the great King Power model based design, this watch has two special innovations that you will really like.  First, is a world's first developed by Hublot - a red sapphire crystal. A few years ago Rolex developed a green colored sapphire crystal for their Milgauss watches. Hublot has done the same but with red. How cool does that look? Of course the crystal is just slightly red, so as to still be transparent.

It is an interesting framework for watch making in general. While new inventions and innovations are regularly announced from around the world, it is at its heart, a super retro industry. So for ultra developed America (relatively speaking) to finally come out with a complication it could have mastered a long time ago if it put effort in it is rather ironic. It speaks about our efficient and practical minds as Americans (before you go on a rant just think about it and how we have more or less rejected a lot of the "why do they do that" traditions of other countries"). This mentality often results in shunning fancy artisan work on a mass level like tourbillon movements that are more or less made solely for the sake of beauty, complexity, and tradition. A tradition that America has lost long ago, and is slowly regaining in certain communities.

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A lange Sohne watches

Chouette Rock Candy The Beast Ladies' Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The back of the watch exhibits the Alpina AL-750 calibre movement through a sapphire crystal. The AL-750 is a modified ETA 7750 ébauche, which offers automatic winding, a 42 hour power reserve, and unbeatable reliability. The black rotor is finished and engraved at the Alpina manufacturing facilities. Alpina is very strong on finishing movements, which does not surprise me since they are a manufacture, able to build movements from the ground up. On a side note, Alpina watches are big consumers of wonderful Sellita movements, so I would not be surprised that Sellita's new SW-500 chrono caliber replaces the 7750 in future versions of Alpina chronographs.

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Replica Hublot MP collection

Hands on this watch bring images of military instruments to my mind and dial has made a bold move towards readability, nice amount of empty space. On dial you can clearly see "room" below 12 o'clock marker, which to me yells utilitarian design. Keeping the dial uncluttered helps reading the time, which is super easy to do at glance with this piece. Dial markings as well as hands are covered in super luminova which illuminate the dial nicely and gives this watch superb night readability.

Continuing with the race car parallel, the strap of Alpina's GMT Chronograph captures the luscious and exotic interiors of luxury sports cars. The exterior shell is covered with synthetic fabric that is imprinted with a carbon-fiber-like pattern. It would be nice if some veritable fiber mesh fabric was used to achieve this effect, but if my experience with capricious coramid straps is any indication, this route may actually have been too fragile. The underside of the strap is made of naturally grained, red leather which matches the red stitching and the the numerous red details on the dial. A folding, "depolyante" clasp is fitted to the strap and decorated with black PVD and Alpina engravings.

Available on a really high quality rubber strap (in orange or dark brown) or on a cool "H" link metal bracelet, the Clipper Chrono also has a few dial color choices. These include a silver tone, a slate tone, and a mocha tone. Each looks pretty good in their own right. Perhaps a bit bare, but the tight looking chapter ring with hash markers helps with a "functional" look and balances out the inner dial. The dials are now a bit three dimensional as well. The chronograph subdial sections are lowered a bit - which is a better look that the previous models I think. The application of the revolving Arabic numerals is also better. Nice bold lume covered numerals. Hands are further improved in quality. Faceted in the middle and polished, with lume in the center - and strong like swords.

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Replica Piaget Dabcer

Silver, black, arctic blue or RAF red
Superluminovaâ„¢ indices

In the history of watchmaking, the name Breguet is a hallowed one. Abraham-Louis Breguet, who established his eponymous company in 1775, is single-handedly responsible for many of the major horological innovations of the last two-plus centuries, including the Breguet overcoil, tourbillon, keyless works and automatic winding. Even more impressive is that those innovations are still employed today, over 200 years after their introduction.

Spyker Car Watches Hands-On Hands-On

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